Benefits Of Juicing

People across the world have started taking their health and nutrition seriously these days. Juicing has emerged as one of the most common methods to raise energy levels and improve health by diminishing the chances of being plagued by common diseases that stare our society in the face today.   


Juicing is essentially the process of making a smoothie or a juice by pureeing fresh vegetables and fruits. Juicing your daily serving of fruits and vegetables is far more beneficial than eating whole fruits. The body absorbs a multitude of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that fruits and vegetables contain when juice passes through the digestion process. The nourishment contained in the juice of vegetables and fruits gets delivered to the walls of the intestine and into the blood stream where the body can use them immediately.  


Another fact that needs attention is that many people cook vegetables before consumption which is not a good practice. Vegetables and fruits are healthier if they are consumed raw. Metabolism needs certain enzymes and those enzymes are best found in raw fruits and vegetables. Enzymes are necessary to convert the food that you eat into energy and body tissues thereby increasing your metabolic rate. Resultantly, this burns more calories leading to weight loss.  


Besides increasing your energy levels and assisting you to lose weight, juicing promotes longevity by delaying the onset of aging as it gives your body an access to the essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes and other nutrients that raw fruits and vegetables contain. Raw fruits and vegetables also contain antioxidants that play a key role in neutralising free radicals in our system. Such free radicals, if not taken care of by antioxidants, will lead to degenerative diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, cataracts and many others.  


Another benefit of juicing is that it effectively combats diabetes. Diabetes Type II sets in when the body becomes resistant to the insulin that its own pancreas produce. A research has revealed that one of the best foods for diabetics is raw produce. The way it nourishes the body and stabilises the blood glucose levels cannot be done by cooked food. People have long been living with the experts’ opinion that diabetics should stay away from sugars found in fruits but this opinion has been subjected to a major change now. It has been accepted that certain nutrients such as Vitamins A, B and E, Potassium, iron etc that are found in fresh fruits and vegetables assist in managing diabetes naturally. Vitamin B7 which is found in large proportions in mangoes and peaches helps in digestion and also activates enzymes. Besides these, manganese, which is abundantly found in carrots, cruciferous vegetables, celery, beet greens, parsley garlic and spinach helps in cutting down insulin resistance. High sugar levels in diabetics stem out of the body’s inability to digest sugars and hence digestive health is a priority for diabetics.   


Juicing is an uncomplicated and wonderful way to raise your energy levels and improve health. Another good thing about juicing is that you have the liberty to experiment with recipes and formulate new ones to suit your taste and needs. All you require to know is the vitamin, mineral or other nutrient that you lack and abundance of which will improve a particular medical condition of yours and you can easily customise your own delectable power juices to better your health. 



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